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Standard plastic enclosures that come complete with docking stations are still uncommon – even though today’s technology is increasingly wireless. Traditionally this has given electronics designers a double-headache. It has meant specifying a bespoke enclosure AND a custom-molded charging station. Double the expense. Double the hassle!

But OKW brings customized solutions within easy reach – even for low volumes – by offering a range of standard enclosures with their own dedicated charging and data transfer stations.

Datec-Compact enclosures with charging stations

1. DATEC-COMPACT (IP 41/65) – Contacts Are Built In As Standard

Get contacts pre-fitted in these compact enclosures designed specifically for data transfer and charging on the move. Robust DATEC-COMPACT is molded from ASA+PC-FR for enhanced UV stability. SD cards and USB connectors can inserted within the sealed compartment for maximum protection. You can specify cases with or without a battery compartment, depending on whether you need removable cells or a built-in non-removable battery.

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Carrytec enclosures with charging stations

2. CARRYTEC (IP 54) – Big And Tough With An Integrated Handle

Grab CARRYTEC by its tough integrated handle or sling it over your shoulder using the optional strap – either way you’ll find it’s fully charged and ready for action. CARRYTEC’s charging station can be placed on a desktop or screwed to a wall – so it’s always close to hand but never in the way. Charging stations are available for all three sizes. Choose from two materials: ABS for indoor use or UV-resistant ASA+PC-FR for outdoors.

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Interface-Terminal enclosures with charging stations

3. INTERFACE-TERMINAL (IP 54) – Multifunction Modular Enclosures

Smart modular design makes INTERFACE-TERMINAL one of our most versatile enclosures – you can configure it to your precise requirements. Browse our wide range of covers, bases, front panels, battery compartments and lids to specify your perfect enclosure with charging station. Docking stations are available for all three sizes (S, M, L) of INTERFACE-TERMINAL’s mobile version. You can specify each case as single pieces – offering you maximum choice – or as a complete enclosure, saving you time.

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Smart-case enclosures with charging stations

4. SMART-CASE (IP 65) – Perfect For Remote Control, Mobile USB

This little gem can accommodate AAA, AA, 9V or 12V round cells – and you can specify it in infrared PMMA for remote control applications. The lid features a large recessed area so you can fit plenty of controls on your membrane keypad. Charging stations are available for three of the four sizes (M, L and XL), offering you plenty of charging options.

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Datec-Control enclosures with charging stations

5. DATEC-CONTROL (IP 54/65) – Handheld Enclosures For Large Graphics Displays

Ergonomic handheld cases for installing bigger display modules with graphics capabilities. All four sizes (XS, S, M and L) can be specified with charging/data transfer stations. Sizes XS (2/3 x AA or 1 x 9V) and S (4 x AA/1 x 9V) give you the choice of ordering the charging station either with the enclosure as one part number – making it easier and quicker to specify – or as an accessory. Sizes M and L feature plug-in battery cradles for up to 5 x AA and a protected PCMCIA card mounting. Specify charging stations as accessories.

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