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Guide to specifying DIN rail enclosures

Guide to specifying DIN rail enclosures

DIN rail enclosures conform to standard specifications used worldwide but it is important to specify the correct type for your project. There are opportunities to be gained from specifying the optimum type – and pitfalls for getting it wrong.

Here are the key questions you should be asking yourself when specifying the best DIN rail enclosures for your electronics:

Which DIN rail are you using?

1). Which DIN rails are you using? TH35? TH15? G32?

OKW’s RAILTEC B enclosures are designed for EN 60715 TH35 DIN rails only.

RAILTEC C enclosures can fit TH35 rails and also TH15 and G32 rails (1-4 modules) using an adaptor.

Fitting PCBs in DIN Rail Enclosures

2). How much room do you need for your circuitry?

How many modules will you require? RAILTEC B and RAILTEC C enclosures are up to 12 modules wide. Both ranges can house multiple PCBs and so leave a smaller footprint.

The RAILTEC B range also includes low profile models in 2, 4, 6 and 9 modules – perfect for projects where cabinet space is at a premium.

Connections to DIN Rail Enclosures

3). What type of power and data connectors will be required?

2, 3, 6 and 9 modules are the most popular sizes sold by OKW but we stock enclosures from 1 to 12 modules in the RAILTEC-C range (2-12 modules in the RAILTEC-B range).

Which types of connectors will you be installing? PCB terminal blocks? Plug headers? Front connectors? D-SUB connectors? KNX connectors? Contact OKW for expert advice on the best options for you.

4). How many connections will be needed?

OKW’s DIN rail enclosures offer multi-level connection capacity. Version VI of RAILTEC B offers options for one or two connection levels. RAILTEC C also offers a range of options including:
• RAILTEC CB – for PCB plug headers (connect from three sides)
• RAILTEC CM – eight connections on four levels.

Ventilated DIN Rail Enclosures

5). Will ventilation be needed?

RAILTEC B enclosures can be specified with or without ventilation slots, allowing air to pass through vertically. Partition plates also feature ventilation slots.

RAILTEC C offers an even greater choice of options including with/without ventilation and with either one or two sides open.

Need maximum ventilation and ease of access to components? Specify RAILTEC SUPPORT DIN rail PCB holders – choose from our click-to-fit modular system or cut-to-fit extrusions

Optional front panels and covers

6). What about display visibility and component access?

OKW offers a range of front panels and lids for DIN rail enclosures – including transparent models that offer full protection and visibility.

Other options include red transparent lids and front panels and ‘smoked glass’ front panels.

Will modifications be required?

7). Will any modifications be needed?

It is very easy to customize our standard DIN rail enclosures. The most popular options are machining, painting and digital printing.

Will you need to install switches or displays? OKW offers CNC machining, assembly of components and packaging. You can outsource the entire manufacturing process to us.

Need printing or labelling? OKW’s digital printing service is quicker, easier and more cost effective than traditional silk screen methods because the set up costs are much lower. Digital technology also makes it much easier to print barcodes, QR codes and serial numbers – again saving you time and money.

How about a custom color enclosure? Choose from a huge range of custom colors – many of which we keep in stock for ease of ordering. Specify your DIN rail enclosures in your branded livery or color-code them for ease of installation and maintenance.

8). Will this be a single product or one that belongs to a range of products?

DIN rail enclosures are versatile by their very nature. They have to be – they are used everywhere.

But if you need a broad spectrum of solutions, it pays to specify enclosures from a large range that offers as much compatibility and as many options as possible.

Remember – some DIN rail enclosures are more versatile than others.

OKW’s RAILTEC CM is an expandable system offering eight connections on four levels for every 17.5 mm standard module. It also has an optional adaptor so it can fit TH35, TH15 and G32 rails (1-4 modules).

Longevity – will your product have upgrades in future?

Specify DIN rail enclosures from tried and trusted ranges like RAILTEC B and RAILTEC C and you are helping to future-proof your product(s).

OKW regularly updates the ranges with new improved designs, a wider choice of sizes and innovative new solutions to benefit designers and installers.

9). What about the aesthetics?

For OKW, it is taken as read that we manufacture DIN rail enclosures and bus solutions that are smart, modern, tough, ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing.

Some rival manufacturers may place a lower priority on aesthetics on the assumption their DIN rail enclosures will be hidden away in equipment cabinets.

That might be their policy – ours is to continue manufacturing and supplying high quality DIN rail enclosures that are also aesthetically pleasing.

Need more help? Get expert advice from the OKW sales team – phone 800 965 9872 or email.