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Universal instrument enclosures
Fifty one models in three different typTop recess for a membrane keypad (type G)Versatile useShell-Type Case type V (open front for a panel)Shell-Type Case type O (open front & rear for panels)Shell-Type Case type G (closed) Robust and sealed up to IP 65 (type G)Battery compartments for AA and 9 V cellsPanels in aluminum or PMMA plexiglassAdditional functions with universal accessoriesRFI/EMI shielding: Shell-Type Case with aluminum metalisationUniversal instrument enclosures
Fifty one models in three different types
Top recess for a membrane keypad (type G)
Versatile use
SHELL-TYPE CASE TYPE V (open front for a panel)
SHELL-TYPE CASE TYPE O (open front & rear for panels)
Robust and sealed up to IP 65 (type G)
Battery compartments for AA and 9 V cells
Panels in aluminum or PMMA plexiglass
Additional functions with universal accessories, e.g. wall mounting brackets, pocket clip, tilt foot bar
RFI/EMI shielding: SHELL-TYPE CASE with aluminum metalisation
Universal instrument enclosures

Shell-Type Cases

Universal instrument enclosures

Our comprehensive SHELL-TYPE CASE range of plastic enclosures is available in different sizes, heights and types. Simply choose the case that meets your individual requirements!

  • fifty one models in three different types:
    type V – with open front for a panel (acc.)
    type O – with open front and rear for panels (acc.)
    type G – with closed front and rear
  • robust construction with tongue and groove
  • internal guide ridges for vertical mounting of partitions and PCBs
  • internal screw pillars for PCBs etc.
  • front and rear panels in aluminum or PMMA red (plexiglas®) available as accessories
  • versions with battery compartment for 2 x AA, 4 x AA, 1 x 9 V or 2 x 9 V cells (types V and G)
  • closed version (type G) also available with recessed top
  • protection class IP 65 for closed versions (type G) without battery compartment when using the sealing kit (accessory)
  • EMC: on request the SHELL-TYPE CASES are also available with aluminum metalisation; aluminum contact strips (accessories) provide additional electrical continuity between the top and base shells of the shielded cases
  • wall mounting brackets and wall suspension elements as accessories
  • additional functions with universal accessories 


  • Measuring and control technology
  • Medical, wellness and laboratory technology
  • Peripheral devices and interfaces, switchboxes etc.

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V (open front, closed rear)
Shell-Type Case V
O (open front, open rear)
Shell-Type Case O
G (front closed, rear closed)
Shell-Type Case G