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UV resistant enclosures

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can discolor and degrade plastic enclosures. The ultraviolet (UV) rays cause a photochemical reaction, breaking down the polymer bonds.

Even tough and dependable ABS – which is used widely for electronic enclosures – will suffer a series of microcracks, affecting its appearance.

The solution is to specify either metal or a UV-stable plastic as an alternative material for your enclosures.

1. UV Resistant Extruded Aluminum Enclosures

Extruded aluminum enclosures are now very popular for tough and UV-stable desktop and table-top electronics. Aluminum provides an extremely high quality finish when blasted with glass beads and anodized.

OKW has combined anodized aluminum case bodies with UV-stable ASA+PC-FR sections to create next generation enclosures that offer advanced technical features. This harmonious blend of materials has set new standards…and added another major award to our trophy cabinet.

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Smart-Terminal enclosures

New Ultra-Modern SMART-TERMINAL Aluminum Enclosures

SMART-TERMINAL central control enclosures are the latest from OKW to showcase this innovative blend of anodized aluminum and UV-resistant plastic. These ultra-modern housings are designed for applications including peripheral and interface equipment, communications, biometrics, medical and laboratory technology, healthcare, measurement and safety engineering.

Screw channels inside the two-part aluminum case enable you to slide PCBs in and out quickly and easily. The ASA+PC-FR (UL 94 V-0) side covers sit snugly inside soft-touch TPV seals. These covers are recessed to protect cables and connectors (and conceal the fittings). Simple aluminum lateral end plates can be specified instead if preferred. The top is also recessed to accommodate a display, membrane keypad or other operating elements.

SMART-TERMINAL is available in one width (6.69") and height (1.96") and three standard profile lengths: 6.29", 7.87", 9.44". The covers add a further 1.65". Custom lengths are available on request (minimum order quantity 100).

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Synergy aluminum enclosures

Award-Winning SYNERGY Aluminum Enclosures

SYNERGY enclosures were OKW’s first to combine aluminum and plastic, winning an iF Product Design Award. Choose from four aluminum shapes (square, circular, rectangular and oval), each capped by two ASA+PC-FR top and base sections.

The top is recessed. The bottom features an opening and screw-down cover for easy access and an optional battery compartment. The bottom also has an outlet for an extra-flat network cable or a round cable up to ø 4 mm.

SYNERGY’s innovative pillar-based construction means that all the fittings are hidden. Each shape is available in three plan sizes and three heights as standard – creating a large range of 36 different permutations.

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UV resistant plastic enclosures

OKW offers a range of plastic enclosures molded from ASA as standard. They include:

STYLE-CASE – highly polished and ergonomic handheld enclosures sealed to IP 65 (also available in PMMA for remote control applications). Features include an integrated battery compartment (2 x AAA, 2 x AA) and tamperproof Torx assembly screws. 
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BODY-CASE (IP 65) – OKW’s first wearable enclosures designed specifically to fit a standard watchstrap. BODY-CASE can also be mounted on a clip, neck lanyard or hand-strap.
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CONNECT enclosures for wired electronics. Two shells (one convex, the other flattened and recessed) snap together for easy assembly. The optional cable gland kit features integrated strain relief. Accessories also include a holding clamp for mounting CONNECT on hospital bedrails.
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DATEC-COMPACT (IP 41/65) – handheld enclosures for mobile data recording in challenging environments. Available with/without integrated contacts and charging stations as standard. SD cards and USB connectors can be inserted within the sealed compartment.
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CARRYTEC (IP 54 optional) – a robust handheld case with an integrated handle. Perfect for instrumentation and data recording in sectors such as agriculture or forestry. It can also be mounted (inverted) on a suspension arm.
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NET-BOX (IP 65 optional) – slim and stylish wall mounted enclosures for building management, control and data acquisition. Connectors and cables are hidden beneath the front lid. NET-BOX is supplied with non-slip feet for optional desktop use.
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SMART-BOX (IP 66) – tactile and aesthetically pleasing enclosures for wall mounted and desktop industrial electronics. The mounting screws are hidden under hinged flush-fitting trims. Options include pressure equalization elements and a lock and security plugs (for use with lead tags) to prevent tampering.
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EVOTEC (IP 65 optional) – designer tabletop enclosures with smooth contours, making them highly tactile. Choose from two versions: flat top in four sizes or sloping top (inclined by 12°) in two sizes either with/without a recess.
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