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Specifying handheld enclosures by size and use

Specifying handheld enclosures by size and use

Find and specify modern and ergonomic handheld electronic enclosures fast with this at-a-glance guide to our ranges.

1. Pocket/Miniature Enclosures

Minitec miniature plastic enclosures

BODY-CASE - fully "wearable" standard plastic enclosure. The design is perfect for so-called "wearable technologies": on your arm, around your neck, clipped to a shirt or trouser pocket, or carried loose in an article of clothing.

View BODY-CASE range >>

MINITEC enclosures >>

MINITEC – award-winning IP 40/41 mini cases for remote controls, alarm controllers, mobile USB and other personal electronics. Huge range of options. Accessories include keyrings, lanyards, wriststraps.

View MINITEC range >> 

View SMART-CASE enclosures >>

SMART-CASE – tactile contoured cases for remote controls, medical/wellness, household and industry applications. Protection up to IP 65. Mains/battery (AAA, AA, 9V, 12V) power options. Pre-fitted cable glands.

View SMART-CASE range >> 

View BLOB range >>

BLOB – award-winning radical ‘teach-by-touch’ designs that intuitively guide users’ hands to the controls. Perfect for diagnostics, therapy, laboratory, industry, office, household and leisure use. Choose from three shapes for one-handed, two-handed or handheld/desktop use. Optional IP 54 protection. Mains/battery (AAA, AA, ø 0.472”-0.906” button cells).

Watch the video and view the range >>

View SOFT-CASE range >>

SOFT-CASE – wide-format for touchscreens. Soft touch contoured design. Handheld, desktop, wall mountable. Intermediate ring options offer height variations. Mains/battery (AAA, AA, 9V). 

View SOFT-CASE range >>

View DATEC-POCKET-BOX range >>

DATEC-POCKET-BOX – compact thin profile for comfort. Applications include measuring, data recording, remote control, ultrasound, infrared, wireless communications. Recessed operating area gives added protection. Plain surfaces enable easier machining. Optional belt/pocket clip. Battery compartments for N, AAA, AA, 9V batteries.

View DATEC-POCKET range >>

Also available – size XS in the Ergo-Case range of wearable electronics enclosures can be strapped on the wrist. Scroll down this page to read more about wearable enclosures or view the Ergo-Case range here.

2. Small/Medium Sized Cases

CONNECT Enclosures

CONNECT - Modern handheld enclosures with open ends for mounting end panels and cable glands. Ideal for wired handheld electronics. The two shells snap into each other, no screws required, this saves time during assembly, and you can also choose the front side of the device either smooth or with keypad recess. The enclosure shells and the end parts are made of UV-stable V-0 material.

View CONNECT range >>

View DATEC-COMPACT range >>

DATEC-COMPACT – highly robust (ASA+PC-FR, IP 65) for outdoor applications: data recording, measuring and control, medical, environmental. Can be operated with gloved hands. Sealed compartment houses SD cards, USB connectors. Accessories include desk stations and wall brackets for charging (AAA, AA) and data transfer.

View DATEC-COMPACT range, watch the video >>


DATEC-CONTROL – for standard LCD modules and large graphics displays. IP 54-65 protection. Applications: data collection and transfer, ISDN, medical/wellness. Mains/battery (AA, 9V). Desk stations, wall cradles for charging/data transfer.

View DATEC-CONTROL range >>


DATEC-MOBIL-BOX – tough award-winning IP 65 cases for harsh environments and outdoor use: data recording, stock control, test and measurement. Optional acrylic display window for standard LCD modules. Mains/battery (AA, 9V). Accessories include rubber protector; tilt foot bar for canting on desktops.

View DATEC-MOBIL-BOX range >>


HAND-HELD-BOXES – quality, cost effective electronics cases for LCD modules. With/without switch cap. Raised front for plugs. Mains/battery (C, AA, 9V). Snap-in battery compartment lid. Tilt footbar for desktop use.

View HAND-HELD-BOXES range >>


HAND-TERMINAL – robust, well balanced, easy to grip enclosures for industrial machine control systems, programmers, data collection. Lots of space for displays, pushbuttons, membrane keypads, emergency stop switches. Protection to IP 65. Mains/battery (AA, 9V).

View HAND-TERMINAL range >>

STYLE-CASE range >>

STYLE-CASE - Beautiful, highly polished and ergonomic handheld enclosures with a high gloss surface finish, thus creating another design highlight for modern handheld control units. These elegant eye-catching plastic enclosures fit snugly in the hand and are easy and reliable to operate. The highly polished surface has a very pleasant feel which imparts a high quality and modern user experience.

View STYLE-CASE range >>

3. Large Handheld Enclosures


CARRYTEC – tough indoor (ABS) and outdoor (ASA+PC-FR) cases with built-in handles (with comfortable soft grips). Large recessed area for keypads/displays. Applications: test and measurement, data recording, medical/wellness. Can be desk docked, wall mounted, clipped to bed rails and inverted for mounting on suspension arms. Protection to IP 54. Mains/battery (AA x 5). Optional protection bags for probes, sensors, cables.

Watch the video, view CARRYTEC range >>


INTERFACE-TERMINAL – advanced configurable enclosures. Users can carry them, desk dock them or mount them in vehicles as required. Modular system: wide choice of options, specify cases part-by-part or as kits. Lots of space for displays, membrane keypads, interfaces. Protection to IP 54. Mains/battery (AA). Wall and desk stations.


4. Special Purpose Ranges

View ART-CASE >>

ART-CASE – attractive, eye-catching and uniquely contoured round, oval, square and rectangular cases for indoor (IP 40) electronics. Wide range of mobile, desk, wall and ceiling mounted applications: alarms/security, building services management systems, medical/wellness. Can be mounted inclined at 30° or 55° angles. Accommodates AA or AAA batteries. Also available with Euro plug-in module.

View ART-CASE range >>


SENSO-CASE – for opto-electronics, stock control, sales logging, medical and laboratory technology. Specify with/without trigger. Large front face for sensors. Recessed control panel for keypads, LCDs. Mains/battery (AA, 9V). Optional holder for secure wall storage.

View SENSO-CASE range >>

5. Wearables Enclosures

BODY-CASE enclosures

BODY-CASE - fully "wearable" standard plastic enclosure. The design is perfect for so-called "wearable technologies": on your arm, around your neck, clipped to a shirt or trouser pocket, or carried loose in an article of clothing.

View Body-Case >>


ERGO-CASE – comfortable body-contoured personal electronics cases for wearing on the wrist or arms. Accessories: wrist and belt straps, eyelets, belt/pocket clips. ABS, TPE with optional clear display panel. Battery options: AAA, AA, 9V. Can also be wall mounted.

View ERGO-CASE range >>


MINITEC – award-winning personal electronics cases which can be worn on a neck lanyard, on a belt or attached to a key ring.

View MINITEC range >>

Handheld Enclosures: Get Technical Support

MATERIALS – most OKW handheld enclosures are molded from ABS. Those designed for remote control (infrared) will feature PMMA as an option. Others designed for challenging environments will be molded from PC for strength or ASA+PC-FR for UV stability. For more details, view our guide to types of plastics.

Need specialist materials? Options include special flame retardant plastics. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

PROTECTION (IP RATINGS) – for a complete list of all OKW enclosures (not just handheld) in ascending order of IP rating, click here >>

CUSTOMIZATION SERVICES – OKW’s wide range of standard enclosures makes it quicker and more cost effective to customize cases for you.

Our expert team offers services including machining, RFI/EMI shielding, printing and lacquering, keypads and display windows, installation and assembly. Find out more here >>

Need more help? Contact the OKW sales team now – phone 800 965 9872 or email us.